Frequently Asked Questions

Rupatown is an online directory of all the buisnesses and service providers in Rupa, West Kameng.

Rupatown brings all the buisness and services in Rupa to your browser, you can search what you want, filter through all the options and get the best service.

Say for example: You want an electrician. You have alwasys called the same electrician but today he/she is out of station. Just search through the eletricians and find any other electrician available in your area .

This way you get your service and know about a new electrician. You can leave a review about their service which in future helps other people when they are looking for one.

You have to register then login before you add a service or listing.

This helps us verifing a listing.

Every listing has a listing detail page which has their address, phone number and email address to help you contact them.